Season ‘n Shake™ Revolution

INTERACTIVE BEEF JERKY? Have you ever heard of such a thing? Of course not, WE INVENTED IT! Jerk Nation Beef Jerky is the first and original interactive beef jerky experience. Nowhere on the planet can you find anything like it. The concept is so simple… You tear open the seasoning packet that came with your package of beef jerky. (Maybe you love the Spicy Original Jerk Seasoning, maybe you have a sweet tooth and love the taste of Mom’s Apple Pie Seasoning.) Sprinkle it onto the jerky in the shaker bag. You can sprinkle more for a heartier flavor, or less for a more subdued experience. Then you close the bag up and shake it around. The beef jerky is coated with the seasoning and you are ready to eat it.

SpicesOur Jerk Nation Chefs have traveled far and wide to handpick the finest selection of spices and seasonings the nation has to offer. Their goal – to bring you a new culinary experience unlike anything you have ever tasted or even encountered.