Season ‘n Shake Beef Jerky

Jerk Nation Season ‘n Shake™ Beef Jerky is a REVOLUTIONARY BEEF JERKY EXPERIENCE!
Each flavor contains a seasoning packet you add to the beef jerky. Pour it in, shake it around, and ENJOY!

Zesty Chili Lime Seasoning & Top-Round Beef Jerky

When that growling stomach acts up, you can tame that craving with our Zesty Chili Lime Beef Jerky. A unique seasoning combination of delicate chili flavor along with our lively citrus lime making this season n shake the most flavorful beef jerky choice by Jerk Nation.
Fajita Fiesta Seasoning & Top-Round Beef Jerky

Want a healthy alternative to those giant fajitas, tacos, and burritos that you buy at the local Mexican restaurant? Our Fajita Fiesta jerk seasoning tastes like Mexico in a bag? The classic taste of Fajita’s combined with our premium beef jerky is an International Delight!
Mom’s Apple Pie Seasoning & Top-Round Beef Jerky

Can you smell the freshly baked Apple Pie Mom used to make? You know – that one she made by hand with care and set on the window pane to cool? Well we’ve taken that special Apple Flavor with Cinnamon-Sugar and blended a special seasoning with our premium Beef Jerky. It is the unique experience for the sugar-holic in all of us!
Hot & Spicy Seasoning & Top-Round Beef Jerky

Americans definitely have embraced brow-wiping heat in a big way. That’s why our Original Hot & Spicy Jerk Seasoning takes eating Beef Jerky to a whole new level. If you love the pain of fire and heat, then Original Hot & Spicy is the one for you!
Wasabi & Soy Seasoning & Top-Round Beef Jerky

East meets West with this delightful combination of naturally nutritious wasabi and soy. Combining the distinctive flavor of Asian-style horseradish with the savory taste of soy sauce, this intense blend packs a mouthwatering punch for your snacking enjoyment. This bold seasoning flavor combined with our moist top-round jerky is a winner!
Paige’s Country BBQ Seasoning & Top-Round Beef Jerky

Our finest All American BBQ premium choice beef jerky. For that unique backyard BBQ flavor that’s prepared so carefully and slowly simmered would best describe this sweet tangy experience. The combination of hickory smoke and sweet spice seasoning makes this our favorite Season 'n Shake beef jerky!
Garlic & Herb Seasoning & Top-Round Beef Jerky

This wonderful blend of roasted garlic & herb adds that perfect robust flavor to our already delicious and moist jerky! Our freshly ground seasoning is mouthwatering, and will complement your jerky every time!